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Art has been my calling as far back as I can remember.I have never been truly happy unless I was creating something. I work in many different media types, not limited to but including pencil, lithography, oil paint, and sculpting. I am also pursuing computer artwork such as animation and graphics.

I am not sure where all of these images come from, but most come from my dreams.  I feel that my life was controlled by too many outside influences when I was younger.  One influence was the Catholic Church and 12 years of Catholic school.  I did not fit nor did I want to.  I don't know when or how I came about the change from catholic school boy to what I am now. One day I just started becoming interested in other things.

I have much more art than what I am showing on this website. I am in the process of placing more of my artwork on here.

This site contains much of my surviving artwork. On February 8, 1992, my house burned down with most of my artwork in it. This has been part of my inspiration over the past twelve years.



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I can and will prosecute.   Questions? e-mail me at evil@evilsteveproductions.co