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Jack from the Nightmare Before Christmas
Girl 1
Taun We
finished Star Wars cloner "Taun We" played by Rena Owen unfinished
The Ode
This is a pencil drawing.  I worked on it with salvador Dali in mind.
The Sandman

This was drawn from a live model during a class.  I got bored of drawing the same model over and over so I got more creative.  This drawing is about 10" by 12".

This is an original of the tattoo that I have on my chest.  There is more in this picture than on my chest though.  This drawing is about 10" by 12".

This drawing was also done in a class. It is a different model though.  This drawing is about 12" by 22".

Big Teeth

This drawing is of the same model as The Sandman model. This drawing is about 12" by 15"

This is an unfinished pencil drawing.  Another creature from deep within my mind.
Headz or Tails

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