Modelling A Head

When modelling a head, You start off with a square block and divide it up into areas, still leaving it one single block.
You then have to start moving aroung the areas you broke it up into by moving corner points, lines and areas.
The head on the left is a reference of the one on the right. Whatever is done to the rightmost head is also done to the other at the same time... automatically.
The rightmost head is what it looks like before the corners are rounded, the leftmost head shows the corner rounding.

When modelling a head, it is easiest to work with only half of it. Then you copy it and mirror th image to complete the other side of the head.

This is showing that when you do something to the rightmost head that it is copied on the leftmost head.

After attatching the two sides, the head is now one piece.

Here is a lower view of the head. I still need to make a body for him.

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