Beginning Gaming Environment Design

I made two towns and one giant castle. What's a game without a giant building to explore?
The town has been partially finished. This is going to be an ongoing project of mine.

Here is another view of the town and castle. This is before I added any texture to the buildings like bricks or stones.

Here is a top view of the castle and town. This is before some of the building were added. When I first made the castle, it was solid and you could not see inside it. I feel this will be an easier way to add floors to it.

This shows the view of both towns. The town on the left is going to be a seaside area. I have yet to add a beach, ocean and docks.

This is the main town and castle after I gave them brick and stone textures. The streets are also cobblestone.

At this point, I added grass texture to the ground. I found a good picture of a jungle and cut out part of it. Then I repeated theat picture for the grass effect.

At this point, I have added a character. What's an environment without characters?

Here I placed the character above the castle to show the scale of it.

Here is a closer view of the castle and character. This is showing some of the shadow effects with the castle.

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