Normal Township Renovation

The town of Normal, Illinois is redeveloping the downtown area. They are keeping some of the buildings but getting rid of those in poor repair. We have tried to show how the downtown area will look once it is done. We have modelled these buildings in 3D Studio MAX to put them in one environment. This project is far from being done.

Here we have "Acme Comics"... the best comic book store in the midwest. They have an unbelievable collection of "Silver Age" comics. To the right there is "At Wicks End".

On the left is "First Site" apartment rental company. On the right is the now defunct "Metropolis Comics". "Acme" put "Metropolis" out of business because he is the 'King of Comics'.

On the left is "Washburns flowers" and the "Willow Basket". On the right is "Tangles" hair studio. The tree that is in the way is actually there.

Above is "Victor's Alterations".

These walls are the east and west outer walls for the "Children's Discovery Museum" that is going to be built over the next year or two.
There is already a location for the CDM but it does not meet their needs. So, they are building a huge building to house the museum right in downtown Normal.

These next pictures are models of the downtown area as far as our class has been able to render it so far. It will gradually be built on over the coming months.

This is an overview of the entire downtown area.

A view from the west. "Acme Comics" is second building from the left.

Another view from the west. Shot taken straight down the existing street.

This is a view of the sight where the museum will be.

A view from the east. Shot taken straight down the existing street.

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