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The kind of lithography that I am interested in are etching and lost ink printing.  In etching, a grease pen/crayon is used to draw on a stone slab or an aluminum plate.  after the drawing is finished, an etching gum (containing a mixture of acid and gum) is put over it. The gum is removed and ink is laid down on the plate and run through a press.  The results are great for shading and colors.  Multiple prints may be made from the plate. 
In lost ink, a Plexiglas sheet is covered in ink of one shade.  The ink that is not wanted on the final product is wiped away.  Then it is run through a press.  This process is repeated as many times as there are colors for the desired piece.  The result is very deep rich colors. Only one of these prints can be made at a time.
Taking a Dive



Donut Head
Mixed media lithography print with colored pencil.


Soul Snake

This is a lithography print of a thought that I had.  A soul fleeing from a dead body.  This print is about 9" by 11"

It Doesn't Matter What Happens In It
This series of prints was my first series in this size and in different background colors.
This comes from deep in my mind. I was having many dreams of flesh and dismemberment at this time in my life.  I had many things going badly for me too.  The title is from a sample in a song  "The world is a hell, it doesn't matter what happens in it. This series of prints is about 20" by 35".

The Cricket
Dark Squiggles


The Walking Head
Head 4

This print ponders the plight of people who are hushed by forces beyond their control.  They want to cry out but they cannot.  This print is about 11" by 12"

Untitled Quad

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